We know you love us

Now put it in words. We’re looking for quotes to be read at the next village board meeting to show them why people love the library, before they vote on our expansion.

Reasons you should comment:

  1. If we get a new/expanded library, there will be a dedicated teen section. No more sharing with storyhours or homework help.
  2. More space for books = more new books, more new formats. More space for graphic novels, series books, and displays
  3. A dedicated teen video and music collection. We can’t do that yet – there’s no place to put it.
  4. Space for you…to sprawl, to read, to study.

It’s not going to happen if we can’t convince the village board, so here’s your chance to make your voices heard.


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One response to “We know you love us

  1. katie

    I really like the library because the people are friendly and helpful and are really dedicated to helping patrons. I also love the large movie collection and the whole inter-library loan system.

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