Looking towards fall – we need your help!

We’ll be starting up teen programming, the book club and the movie night again soon.

We should have fliers out in the near future.

But, once again we need suggestions. We’re looking for a name for the book club (which is turning back into a general discussion group) and for more suggestions of movies to show.

Remember that the movies need to be PG-13 or below, and have to be released on DVD by the time the movie is shown.



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25 responses to “Looking towards fall – we need your help!

  1. Miri

    some movies you might want to consider:
    -Dear Frankie (PG-13)
    -Bridge to Terabithia (PG)
    -The Others (PG-13)
    -Little Manhattan (PG)

  2. michael

    Disturbia PG-13

  3. Jesse

    White Chicks (PG-13)

  4. bobby

    american pie
    american pie the wedding
    american pie naked mile

  5. meral

    cheaper by the dozen 1&2
    mr.bean-the movie
    firehouse dog
    unaccompanied minors
    baby’s day out
    bend it like beckham
    big fat liar
    garfield the movie
    eight below
    evan almighty
    hot chick
    the game plan
    fantastic four: rise of the silver serfer
    napoleon dynamite
    surf’s up
    your’s ,mine and ours

  6. chelsea

    V for Vendetta
    Music and Lyrics
    Take the lead
    howl’s moving

  7. katie

    Blades of Glory

  8. jimmy

    american pie
    King Kong

  9. shelby

    sin city

  10. jessica

    Lord of the Rings

  11. jimmy

    Any Halloween movie

  12. sean

    Napoleon Dynamite

  13. anastasia

    howl’s moving castle
    pretty in pink
    breakfast club

  14. jesse

    White Chicks
    Fun with Dick and Jane

  15. Aaron

    scary movie 3(not scary)
    napolean dynamite

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