Your periodic movie request post.

We’re looking to get titles for the next three movies in February, March and April.

As usual, post your suggestions in the comments and remember that they must be PG-13 or below.

We’ll do a poll towards the end of the year, and pick the top three movies to show.



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5 responses to “Your periodic movie request post.

  1. Katie

    August Rush
    National Treasure 2
    (if they’re out on dvd by feb.)

  2. If they aren’t out by feb, they may be out by april….

  3. Tommy

    National Treasure 2
    August Rush
    Big Bird Goes To China (Just kidding)

  4. Stephanie

    The Invisible (really, really good movie. its based on a really good book)
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Pirates 1, 2, 3
    13 Going on 30

  5. susie

    Edward Scissorhands

    any Johnny Depp

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