As the Presidential Election starts to gain momentum…

I thought I’d do a list of books with political themes.

In no particular order:

Extreme American Makeover and sequels by Mitali Perkins. The adopted daughter of a Presidential candidate has to find a balance between who she is and who the media want her to be.

The President’s Daughter and sequels by Ellen Emerson White. The daughter of the first female President deals with life in the White House. The author has just written a fourth book in this long out of print series, and the publisher will be rereleasing the others, so look for bright, shiny new copies soon.

Vote for Larry sequel to The Gospel According to Larry by Janet Tashijan. Larry emerges from hiding in order to run for President, even though he’s not yet 18.

Wide Awake by David Levithan. Duncan and his friends go on a road trip to support the first gay Jewish President.

Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer. When Hope and her aunt move from Brooklyn to Wisconsin, Hope becomes involved in a local political campaign.



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2 responses to “As the Presidential Election starts to gain momentum…

  1. ellen

    Great Idea! Great List!!!!!

  2. Katie

    These sound really good!

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