Long time, no speak

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. The books are evil and I periodically get buried.

But you’ll be seeing a few posts today. This one (of course), one about forthcoming programming including the next few movies, and I’m going to start blogging about books. New books, old books. Whatever I’ve read recently is fair game. Some of these will be found in the YA section, but I might go farther afield to children’s or adult, or even things that aren’t in the library at all. There’s lots of books out there now that you can read on your computer or phone or even print out and have your very own paper copy, and I’ll be linking to some of those.

I know not every book I talk about is going to interest everyone. I might even talk about a few books that are of interest to no one but me – sorry, you’ll just have to suffer.

The other new thing is that I’m about to unmoderate the comments in the interest of getting some discussion going. This is experimental and will depend on your good behavior if you want it to continue. The rules are simple – no insulting each other or me, no profanity, and keep the threads vaguely on topic. I reserve the right to delete any comments that break these three rules and to institute others as the need appears. Excessive abuse will mean a return to moderated status. If this works out, I might start the occasional open thread, for people to discuss whatever they want.

Now I’m off to lunch, so expect the other two posts when I return.


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