Failure to blog

We’ve been so busy with the move I haven’t posted here in ages. But we’re back. YA now occupies 5 shelves (soon to be expanded to 7) in the children’s room of our temporary location: 102 Mamaroneck Avenue (between Lum Yen and the bridal shop).

We are buying some new books, though not as many as we used to, and if we don’t have it, we can always get it from other libraries. We may also be expanding the teen movie selection soon with some classic teen movies. If you have any favorites you’d like us to have, please let us know (and remember that we have limited space and won’t be able to get everything).

Things to expect in the near future:

  • A new movie poll
  • A banner contest
  • More book reviews
  • More links in the sidebar
  • Me forgetting which account I’m logged in under and posting as hhertzof
  • Discussion questions
  • Twitter feed.
  • Library myspace page
  • More periodic failures to blog, as I’m nothing if not consistent

If I’ve missed anything you’d like to see, that’s what the comments are for. Perhaps we can get some discussion going.


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