Read It, Make It, Do It @ the Library

And we’ve planned some great programming for you this summer.

We kick everything off on June 26th with Not a Box at the Harbor Pavilion. Get creative and think inside the box in this crafty program. Doors will open at 6:30 pm, program will start at 7pm. This will also be your first chance to sign up for our Teen summer reading program.

Our summer reading program will work the same as last year – pledge to read a certain number of pages (at least 250) and complete your pledge by August 15th and you will get an invite to our end of summer bash and some not so fabulous prizes – well, about the same level of prizes as the ones we give out at our regular teen programs (whether you think those are fabulous or not).

During the summer we’ll be having a series of drop in craft programs. These will run from 6:30pm-7:30pm in the children’s department of the library, but you can come in at any point and leave when you’re done with your craft. We’ll get you started and then leave you to it.

July 1st – The Crafty Diva’s Lifestyle Makeover – Make a journal in which you can tell your own story.
July 8th – The Best of Instructables – Light up your world with LED Throwies
July 15th – Creepy Cute Crochet – Get hooked on crochet
July 22nd – What Have You Lost – Play with your words and design your own Magnetic Poetry set
July 29th – Hacking MySpace – Reboot your online life by redesigning your MySpace, or redesign ours for our MySpace design contest
August 5th – Terrific T-Shirts – Refresh an old t-shirt with a variety of fabric pens.

Contests – We’ve got contests, but we haven’t sorted out the details yet.
Create a layout for our brand new MySpace Page
Create a new banner for our blog
Librarian for an hour (or possibly more)

Watch this space for more details. We’ll also have more information at the kickoff program on June 26th

We also have ordered at least one copy of each book on the Hommocks, Mamaroneck High, Rye Neck Middle and Rye Neck High school summer reading lists. If you’re looking for a book and we don’t have it in, we’ll be happy to order it for you from another library.



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2 responses to “Read It, Make It, Do It @ the Library

  1. Hi,
    I will be visiting my home town – I’ve been living in Germany for 31 years – of Mamaroneck in August. I’ll be coming with a 15 year old girl – and we will need things for her to do for two weeks! Her English is broken, but she’s willing to try just about any clean fun activity for teens. We are planning on being there towards the end of August.
    Is there anything coming up at the library – or elsewhere in Mamaroneck for that matter – during that time frame.
    I appreciate all ideas.

  2. I’m not sure about the rest of Mamaroneck, but our teen programming ends at the beginning of August as people go away on vacation and it’s hard to find an audience and to give us time to start planning our fall programs.

    You are welcome to visit the library. We’re in a small temporary location at 102 Mamaroneck Avenue while the main location is being renovated and expanded, so our collection and space are limited at the moment.

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