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Your March Musical Poll


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March Musicals

The theme of this year’s Teen Tech Week is Tune In and while it’s supposed to relate to mp3s and audio books, since our movie night falls that week, I think it’s appropriate to do something with musical content.

It can be a traditional musical (such as Grease or High School Musical or a movie about singers (such as Music and Lyrics), dancers (example: Strictly Ballroom or any related topic.

Suggestions will be open for a week. Expect a poll next Wednesday. We’re trying to get publicity out sooner, which means we need to speed up the recommendation process. If we don’t get enough recommendations by then, we will add some suggestions of our own.

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February Movie Poll

Vote here.

The March musicals post will be up soon. For April, please suggest more movies here since we only had 5 suggestions and I don’t think we can pull two movies off of the list.

Feel free to nominate things that have been nominated previously but not shown. Remember that we can’t show any movies over a PG-13 rating.

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Odds and ends

Have you voted in the movie poll yet?

Start thinking about things you would like to see us do this summer in the library. I’ll be asking for your suggestions soon. If you can’t wait, post it in the comments.

And coming soon: Save a Story.

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