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Wii will rock you

I think if this blog ever ran a contest for lame post title, this post would win.  Forgive me.

Join us at the Harbor Pavilion March 6th as we try to determine who is the best Guitar Hero player of the night. Doors open at 6:30pm, tournament starts at 7pm.


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Vote early, vote often.

Your March Musical Poll

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March Musicals

The theme of this year’s Teen Tech Week is Tune In and while it’s supposed to relate to mp3s and audio books, since our movie night falls that week, I think it’s appropriate to do something with musical content.

It can be a traditional musical (such as Grease or High School Musical or a movie about singers (such as Music and Lyrics), dancers (example: Strictly Ballroom or any related topic.

Suggestions will be open for a week. Expect a poll next Wednesday. We’re trying to get publicity out sooner, which means we need to speed up the recommendation process. If we don’t get enough recommendations by then, we will add some suggestions of our own.

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Music to my ears

March 2nd-8th is Teen Tech Week at the Library according to YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association. The theme this year is Tune In and among their promotions is a song contest.

The song must promote public and/or school libraries and the different technologies the library has to offer teens for recreational and/or educational purposes and the entry must be received by YALSA by midnight March 8th. Details for entry (which includes a form and an uploaded mp3) can be found here (pdf file).

Please note that the entry form requires some information from the librarian/library, so if you’re interested in entering, you need to come to the library with the form several days before March 1st in order to insure that you can send it out in time.

We will be planning other activities for Teen Tech Week. It’s the week of our monthly movie and we reserve the right to arbitrarily schedule a movie that fits in with the theme.

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