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Book post – Hot Lunch by Alex Bradley

Molly has blue hair and an antisocial attitude. When she’s assigned to work on an assignment with perky blonde Cassie, she refuses and does the assignment on her own.

This starts a downward spiral that ends in a food fight in the cafeteria. Letting the punishment fit the crime, the principal assigns Cassie and Molly to work together in the cafeteria, but when their private war causes the head of the cafeteria to quit, Cassie and Molly are told that they’re in charge of the cafeteria until they get a vote of approval five times in a row from their fellow students.

But even then, Molly and Cassie can’t seem to work together.

Try this book if you like Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw or Leave the Cooking to Me by Judie Angell.


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